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Save the Children Psychological First Aid Training Manual for Child Practitioners

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Save the Children Denmark

The Psychological First Aid Training Manual for Child Practitioners (PFA) was developed by Save the Children Denmark for the Child Protection Initiative, to facilitate training in psychological first aid with a focus on children. It is aimed at developing skills and competences that will help child protection staff reduce the initial distress of children who have recently been exposed to a traumatic event. The training targets Save the Childrens staff, partners, and professionals such as teachers, educators, health and social workers etc., and volunteers working directly with children in emergencies or in the aftermath of conflicts, natural disasters and critical events.

The training manual consists of: (i) Tools for communication, reassurance and comfort for staff working directly with distressed children; (ii)  Advice and guidance for staff working with parents and primary care-givers; (iii)  Suggestions for ways to support a distressed child.  It provides a non-intrusive skills set of communication and actions that can be used by staff working with survivors of distressing events. The training programme develops skills for providing physical and emotional comfort by modeling calmness and enables a constructive format through active listening that allows survivors to  voice their concerns and needs. It also helps to connect survivors to practical assistance through referral networks and information on positive coping strategies.

Additional PFA materials can be found here.


1. Initial contact with distressed children, p. 53,  animated movie 1

2.  Parents and care-givers in distress, p. 75, animated movie 2

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