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Save the Children Feedback and Reporting Mechanism Guidance

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Save the Children Alliance,Save the Children International

Save the Children is committed to placing children and their communities at the centre of decisions we make about our work. Feedback and Reporting Mechanisms (FRMs) are one way that we can hear about the ideas and concerns of the children and communities we are working with.

This set of three guidance modules aims to help country offices improve their Feedback and Reporting Mechanisms.

  1. The module Creating an inclusive and accessible Feedback and Reporting Mechanism provides detailed guidance on establishing an FRM or improving your existing FRM to help ensure that it is appropriate for children and adults of diverse backgrounds and abilities. It will help you consider a range of different feedback and reporting channels that may be appropriate for your context, provide guidance on how to support the reporting of sensitive concerns like safeguarding issues, and explores the process to make sure everyone – Save the Children staff, our partners and children and communities – are aware of the FRM.
  2. The module Managing, analysing and presenting feedback data for action provides guidance on how to establish a Feedback Handling Standard Operating Procedure, categorise feedback and refer feedback to relevant teams. It also provides suggestions on how you can analyse and present feedback data to support its use in decision making. The module also includes tips on data protection for FRMs.
  3. The module Closing the Feedback Loop provides guidance on the types of responses we should be providing to children and adults to explain our actions following feedback, and how you might be able to provide that information at both individual and community level. Together, these three modules will help you to implement the full Feedback Cycle.

Please note that this guidance references some Save the Children specific tools and systems, which will not be applicable to other organisations. There will also be some internal-only links within the document. However, we hope that the main body of the guidance will be useful for other organisations seeking to strengthen their feedback mechanisms.

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