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Safeguarding children in emergencies. Toolkit 1 : Safeguarding standards

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Keeping Children Safe

Safeguarding Children in Emergencies – is a resource to help organisations to develop and implement child safeguarding measures swiftly during emergencies. Both natural and man-made emergencies are increasing and in an emergency over half of those affected will be children. Children could be injured in the emergency, physically separated from their parents, lose their parents and experiences enormous psychological stress and then go to find themselves at greater risk from abuse. Keeping Children Safe has developed this toolkit to support organisations to safeguard children in emergencies. The standards identified are the minimum requirement and are based on the experience of organisations working in emergencies. Additionally, they draw upon the principles outlined in international and regional child rights instruments and commitments. The full toolkit is composed of three sections: Toolkit 1: Safeguarding standards, which outlines the minimum standards for safeguarding children in emergencies; Toolkit 2: How to implement the standards – provides practical guidance on how to ensure the appropriate implementation of these standards; Toolkit 3: Safeguarding references – a set of resources from organisations to support child safeguarding. The toolkit is to be used together with the short pocket guide “Safeguarding children in emergencies”, which provides a snapshot of what is needed for child safeguarding

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