Report of Final Evaluation: Ilaa Linta Caruurta, Children Protected in Families and Communities in Somaliland

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Save the Children Finland

Goal of the Ilaa Linta Caruurta -project (2018–2021) implemented in Somaliland by Save the Children and partner organization Yovenco was to contribute to protection of children from abuse, exploitation, violence and neglect through strengthened child protection systems.

The purpose of the evaluation was to document project outcomes, outputs and contribution to impact by assessing performance and achievements. The report assesses the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as impact and sustainability of the project. Gender aspects, inclusiveness and child participation were also evaluated. Lessons learned can be utilized for similar projects, especially with regards to ensuring that children and their families have access to child protection services of high quality; children are able to grow up in violent free families and communities; and child protection laws, policies and structures are strengthened to promote zero tolerance of violence against children.

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