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Ready for Tomorrow: Lebanon 2016 Annual Report

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Save the Children Lebanon

Save the Children has been transforming lives in Lebanon since 1953, using rights-based approaches to increase children’s access to quality education and allow them greater participation on family, school and community levels.

Save the Children Lebanon Country Office has undergone massive expansion over the past few years, delivering comprehensive interventions that target children across all communities.

With approximately 1.1 million Syrian registered refugees currently living in Lebanon, basic needs have become harder to meet and fulfilling children’s rights has become challenging. Coordination with Government bodies, the UN and other humanitarian agencies has helped channel Save the Children’s efforts to reach the most vulnerable, wherever they are.

Efforts to support refugee population have coincided with increased attention dedicated to equally vulnerable Lebanese families. Save the Children works to help Government departments to improve infrastructure and increase the chance for children to live in a safe and prosperous environment.

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