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Promotion of protagonist and meaningful participation of children and adolescents exposed to violence

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Save the Children Sweden

A Save the Children Sweden study that deals with the protagonist and meaningful participation of children and adolescents exposed to violence. This study is the first stage of a research that attempts to answer two questions: “How can children and adolescents exercise their right to participate in direct strategies of prevention from all forms of violence?, and How can the children and adolescents be involved in the design of strategies and interventions without, at the same time, being exposed or re-victimised and/or stigmatised?”

The study also proposed (1). Developing a conceptual framework to understand children’s participation of children and adolescents at risk of violence, with emphasis on physical and humiliating punishment, sexual exploitation and abuse and organised armed violence. (2.) Gathering existing information at regional and global level in order to analyse the participation of children and adolescents exposed to violence, and identify the challenges to realizing a rights-based approach.

The second phase of the research promotes methods of involvement of children and adolescents in programmes and projects focused on the prevention of corporal punishment, sexual abuse and exploitation and organised armed violence.

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