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Physical Violence and Other Harmful Practices in Humanitarian Situations

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CPWG, The Child Protection Working Group,Save the Children

With an increasing number of children being affected by emergencies throughout the world iv and considering the pervasiveness of violence, a better understanding of children’s exposure to physical violence and other harmful practices in humanitarian contexts is necessary. As an initial step in developing that understanding, the global Child Protection Working Group’s Task Force on Child Protection Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Action (CPMS) commissioned a review of Standard 8: Physical Violence and Other Harmful Practices.

This study presents key findings from the literature dealing with child protection in general and in humanitarian settings in particular, as well as comments and insights from interviews with child protection professionals. The approach highlights the interconnectedness and compounding nature of child protection issues (i.e. physical violence’s links to standards such as sexual violence, justice for children, child labour, and mental health).

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