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Paediatric Pneumonia Research Priorities in the Context of COVID-19: A eDelphi study

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Journal of Global Health

Pneumonia remains the leading cause of infectious deaths in children under-five global­ly. This study is to update the research priorities for childhood pneumonia in the context of the COVID-19 pandem­ic and explore whether previous priorities have been addressed. This was done through eDelphi study from No­vember 2019 to June 2021. Experts were invited to take part, targeting balance by: gender, profession, and high (HIC) and low- and middle-income coun­tries (LMIC). It followed a three-stage approach: 1. Collating questions, using a list published in 2011, and adding newly posed topics; 2. Narrowing down, through participant scoring on the importance and whether they had been answered; 3. Ranking of re­tained topics. Topics were categorized into: prevent and protect, diagnosis, treatment, and cross-cutting.

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