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Opportunities for Strengthening Families Through Positive Discipline: Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) study

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PAN, Parenting in Africa Network,Save the Children

Parenting in Africa Network (PAN) and Save the Children International (SCI) commissioned this multi-country study on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) of parents and/or caregivers in disciplining and parenting. This study intended to develop data on how families and parents and nurture good behaviour in their children; whether they know what would constitute nonviolent (positive) discipline; and if they actually utilized the positive aspects of disciplining. The study was conducted in specific areas in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

Although the study identified some practice of positive discipline methods, the practice of negative, violent methods was widespread. The study establishes a foundation of knowledge and practice of non-violent methods of disciplining among parents and caregivers, despite some negative attitudes towards the concept.

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