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Operations Manual on Children’s Participation in Consultations

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ECPAT International,IAWGCP, Inter-Agency Working Group on Children’s Participation,Knowing Children,Plan International,Save the Children Alliance,UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund,World Vision International

This material serves as a guide for NGO’s and other stakeholders who intend to involve children in consultation meetings and workshops. It contains specific steps and procedures to ensure that consultation processes are ethical and meaningful for children. The manual complements the ‘Minimum Standards for Consulting with Children’, which was developed to support formal consultations with children by a multi-agency group in East Asia and the Pacific, as part of a process to ensure meaningful and high-quality children’s participation in the UN Study on Violence against Children, the East Asia and Pacific Regional Consultation and associated meetings. The Operations Manual is a compilation of 34 documents that will assist in coordinating the meaningful and safe participation of children in consultations and conferences. Many of the documents are templates and a few documents are samples of documents that have been used in previous consultations and can be adapted to the user’s needs.

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