Niñez y Juventud: Dislocaciones y Mudanzas

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Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco

‘Niñez y Juventud: Dislocaciones y Mudanzas’ is a continuation of the debates and discussions initiated at the III Latin American Network Conference of July 2006 “Childhood and Youth: Dislocations and Changes”. It is a publication by Programa Infancia based at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana of Mexico. The publication brings together a number of case analysis about diverse forms of dislocations for children and youths, such as internal and international, rural-urban displacements, from home to the streets and institutional placement of children. It explores the impact of these displacements and attempts to promote these research findings for use in public policies. At the same time the book focuses on the democratizing of knowledge and child participation, promoting grassroots actions both within the private and public sphere.

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