Never Violence: 35 years on from Sweden’s abolition of corporal punishment

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Government Offices of Sweden, Stockholm,Save the Children Sweden

The year 2014 marks 35 years since Sweden introduced a ban on all forms of violent and emotionally abusive treatment of children. In so doing, Sweden became the first country in the world to prohibit violence as a means of child-rearing. Many countries have since followed the Swedish example, and as of September 2014 a total of 39 nations have legislation banning all corporal punishment in the home.

The 35th anniversary of the ban on all forms of violence and demeaning treatment of children in Sweden reminds us what legislation and awareness campaigns can achieve – and how vital it is to keep working together to redouble efforts to protect the right of children to freedom from violence and emotional abuse.

This booklet is a co-production between Save the Children Sweden and the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. It includes inputs from the many people who work hard to combat all forms of violence and emotionally abusive treatment leveled at children in Sweden and abroad. An earlier version (30 years available in many language- the updated version for the 35th anniversary only available in English).

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