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#netsmart: A handbook for grown-ups on how to protect children from sexual abuse on the internet

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Save the Children Sweden

The internet has become an accepted part of the daily life of a child. It’s a place for games, meeting friends, and learning many new things. While the internet gives children greater access to the world, it also gives the world greater access to children.

Parents and adults—and the children themselves—need to be aware of the risks associated with the internet. Websites that are popular for children can attract people who seek to sexually expose or abuse children.

It can feel difficult to talk with children about who they meet and talk with on the internet, especially when it feels difficult to understand the expressions and slang being used. However, it does not require any expertise, rather it’s about establishing a relationship with children where it’s natural to talk about the internet.

This handbook helps adults to talk about the different risks of the internet with kids of all ages: from preschooler to teenager. Parents are given encouragement to talk about difficult things and to create a secure relationship with their children where these issues can confidently be discussed.

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Child marriage

Child sexual abuse

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Violence against children

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