Når Overgrebene Går Verden Rundt: Om billeder af seksuelle overgreb på børn og unge

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Save the Children

Images of sexual assault on children, also known as child pornography, has seen an expedient global spread in tandem with the rise of the internet age. There are three reasons to why it should be illegal:

  1. Children are violated sexually by pornography;
  2. This exposure is reinforced every time the picture is displayed, as they are observed as sexual objects;
  3. The distribution of these images creates a greater demand for similar images, further amplifying the problem

This booklet is intended for parents or professionals who would like to learn more about the production and dissemination of images and videos of child pornography, as well as what is being done to fight these violations of children. Save the Children Denmark hopes that this booklet can support adults, both in their private and working life, to combat sexual images of children.

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