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A More Equal Future: A MenCare manual to engage fathers to prevent child marriage in India

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MenCare,Promundo,World Vision International

This manual was developed in response to strong societal and cultural resistance that supports the continuation of child marriage in the communities where World Vision works. In collaboration with Promundo, this tool has been created to engage men as fathers and allies in women’s and girls’ empowerment. In order for women and girls to achieve their basic human rights (in India, where this study took place, and across the globe) men must also be engaged in transforming society. This includes taking on equitable responsibility for child rearing without violence, valuing daughters as well as sons and contributing to household work.

Many of the activities in this manual were adapted from Promundo’s Program P Manual. The facilitator or program coordinator who uses this manual is welcome to deepen their understanding of either the activities or of fatherhood in General by consulting the Program P manual. 

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