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Modernizing foreign assistance. Insights from the field: Malawi

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Save the Children UK,Save the Children US

With support from the Hewlett Foundation, Save the Children USA and UK are collaborating on a research and advocacy program, examining the impact of aid at the country level and distilling best practices for policymakers.The research contained in this report draws upon information that was gathered by Save the Children during a series of interviews and project visits conducted in Malawi in August 2008. Save the Children believes that to become more effective, U.S. foreign assistance, which should prioritize poverty reduction, needs to be modernized to better address the challenges of the 21st century. To achieve this, the following recommendations for the reform of U.S. foreign assistance are offered: Improve the internal coherence and responsiveness of U.S. government development policies and foreign assistance; Enhance local ownership and long-term sustainability of U.S. development and relief initiatives; Focus on better coordination with other partners in the development community, both national governments as well as foundations and other non-governmental partners; and, Increase accountability for results.

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