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Mobility – A Pastoral Livelihood Strategy: Rapid Assessment of Social Service Provision for Mobile Kraals in Karamoja

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Save the Children

This joint EU-Save the Children Uganda report presents findings of a rapid assessment of social service provision for mobile cattle camps in Karamoja, Uganda (widely called ‘manyattas’ and ‘kraals’), and is an attempt to measure available social services to the mobile kraals in the region, the systems that are in place to facilitate such delivery and the extent to which herders – a considerable number of whom are children – benefit from such services. The focus is on vulnerable pastoralist children in mobile kraals, such as children engaging in child labour, herding other people’s livestock at the kraal sites for pay in cash or in kind; orphans; children living with disabilities; and children living in health threatening conditions, e.g., children affected by poor hygiene as well as other illnesses. The Assessment proposes
recommendations for Save the Children Uganda and other development partners to improve social service delivery to these mobile communities.

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