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Mapping of Child Protection M&E Tools: Final report to UNICEF

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Child Resilience Alliance,CPC Learning Network

The availability of effective measurement tools is a clear prerequisite for the strengthening of monitoring and evaluation within the field of child protection. This report provides a structured review of a sample of 124 child protection M&E tools. Tools were selected for review with respect to explicit inclusion criteria regarding relevance to certain focal areas of child protection, structured means of data collection, and documented use in monitoring and evaluation activity. With the timescale and resources available, search methodology combined structured computer search of three major bibliographic databases with elicitation of materials through professional networks. A total of 3,515 documents were screened for inclusion, with full review of 280 documents determining the final listing of 124 tools for inclusion in the reported analysis. Given the use of explicit inclusion criteria (which reliability checks indicated to be consistently applied) the body of evidence compiled provides a rigorous basis for comparative review and analysis. With tools being made available along with this report (or links to access being provided) this compilation also represents a valuable consolidation of material for potential field use. It needs, however, to be understood as a sample of the wider universe of material that could be compiled with a more extensive and prolonged data search strategy. 

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