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Make Me a Criminal: Preventing Youth Crime

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Institute for Public Policy Research

This report makes the case for a more therapeutic and family-based approach to youth offending in the UK, as opposed to the present, more punitive, system that exists at the time of this publication. The arguments for the proposed approach appear persuasive not only on humanitarian grounds, but also in terms of economics and efficacy.

The UK experiences higher and more sustained levels of youth crime and anti-social behaviour than culturally similarly countries. UK citizens also experience more fear of crime and concern about youth misbehaviour than other culturally similar countries. When compared to Sweden, Finland, and Germany, UK citizens are known to favour more punitive responses to youth crime. 

Although these norms may be changing towards a more welfare orientated approach to youth crime, this report finds that a progressive policy agenda for crime reduction and reforms of the criminal justice system to both punish and rehabilitate offenders.

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