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Main Trends and Analysis on Out of School Children in the Middle East and North Africa Region: Desk study

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Equitas Education,Save the Children,UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund,WFP, United Nations World Food Programme

Equitas education was commissioned by Save the Children, UNICEF, and the World Food Programme, to carry out a study  the study on out-of-school children in the MENA region, covering 2015-2020. The study’s focus countries are Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Turkey, and Yemen over the years 2015-2020. The study focuses on four specific areas of inquiry.

  1. Documenting the main trends of OOSC, including their numbers, profiles, and locations;
  2. Analysing the barriers and motivating factors that prevent or facilitate children’s participation and retention in education;
  3. Understanding the nature of policies and programmes in the study areas that target access, retention and learning outcomes for OOSC;
  4. Recommending specific areas for further study and identifying potential responses to the findings and conclusions.
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