The Lottery of Birth: Giving all children an equal chance to survive

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Save the Children UK

In many countries across the world, the odds of children surviving to celebrate their fifth birthday have improved considerably in recent years. Today, 17,000 fewer children die every day than was the case in 1990 and the global under-five child mortality rate nearly halved, from 90 to 46 deaths per 1,000 live births, between 1990 and 2013. But not all countries have succeeded in improving children’s life chances, and some of the world’s poorest countries – many of which have been ravaged by conflict and instability – are very much lagging behind.

This publication provides information on both successful case stories and cases where change and quality of care have remained unequal. Conclusions and recommendations are given on how governments, civil society actors, and other invested parties can help to guarantee that all children are given an equal chance to survive.

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Child mortality

Early childhood care and development (ECCD)

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