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Local to Global: Working for change

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Save the Children

Local to Global, developed by Save the Children Sweden, is a programme that began in 2013 as part of the wider Save the Children EVERY ONE Campaign. The campaign aimed to drastically reduce millions of child and maternal deaths from preventable causes.

Besides being a programme, Local to Global is also an approach to advocacy. It supports children and communities in standing up for their own rights, to approach local decisionmakers with their claims, and hold duty bearers accountable.

This is a booklet for anyone who wants to work with advocacy and understand its importance in achieving real, long-lasting change for communities and children.  The booklet is based on an external evaluation of the Local to Global programme 2013–2015. It contains a collection of examples from the countries involved during this period: India, Zambia, Afghanistan, and Yemen. These examples show how Local to Global has contributed towards concrete improvements in communities and children’s lives.

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