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Literacy Boost: Pakistan – Year 1 Report

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Save the Children US

In 2010, Save the Children began implementing the Literacy Boost program – an intervention focused on working with teachers and communities to improve children’s reading skills – in Allai Tehsil, part of the Battagram District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (formerly called the Northwestern Frontier Province), Pakistan. Literacy Boost features a set of adaptable emergent literacy and early grade assessments used to detail the skills present when Literacy Boost begins and chart progress throughout the intervention. Baseline data were collected in 15 schools in December 2009, and endline data were collected a year later, December 2010. There are 5 comparison schools and 10 intervention schools. The schools in the sample are from a larger group of 150 schools being supported by the Partnership for Reconstruction and Development of Allai (PRDA), a multi-sector project funded by the Netherlands government. This study reports on the difference in learning during the 2010 school year between PRDA beneficiaries and PRDA + Literacy Boost beneficiaries.

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