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Literacy Boost Malawi: Home Literacy Environment Baseline Report 2009

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Learning to read is at the heart of any basic education program; being able to read fluently and comprehend text is necessary as children move from learning to read to reading to learn. The Literacy Boost program, which is currently being piloted in Malawi for the 2009 academic year, seeks to strengthen children’s reading ability by bringing literacy from the school and into their villages and homes. Parents can play an essential role in helping their children learn, not only through direct literacy instruction and assistance with school work, but also through having positive attitudes toward literacy, modeling reading and writing habits, and providing the necessary materials and environment for children to continue learning at home.

The purpose of the Household Literacy Environment Baseline Study is to examine how reading and writing are currently part of the home environment. Four domains were specifically investigated:

  1. the printed materials and resources children are exposed to at home;  
  2. the literacy levels of other household members and their reading and writing habits;
  3. the attitudes and perceptions of household members toward literacy, and
  4. the interactions between children and literate family members.


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