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Literacy Boost Dendi, Ethiopia: Three-month Report 2011

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Save the Children

In 2010, Save the Children began implementing the Literacy Boost program – an intervention focused on working with teachers and communities to improve children’s reading skills – in Oromia Region, Dendi District of Ethiopia.

The Literacy Boost assessment features emergent literacy and early grade reading assessments used to detail the skills present when Literacy Boost begins and to chart progress throughout the intervention.

This data are also used to adapt the intervention’s teacher training and community activities. Baseline data were collected in 15 Literacy Boost schools and 5 comparison schools in October 2010, and endline data were collected in the same schools at the end of the school year in May 2011. At each of the 20 schools where data was collected, a target of 20 children in the third grade was sampled.

This study reports on the difference in learning during the 2010-2011 school year between Literacy Boost and comparison students.

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