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Legislation and public services for children in street situation

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Save the Children

The Centre for children in street situation started its activity in February 2009 as a joint initiative of Save the Children and the Municipality of Tirana, in partnership with the Albanian association Children of the World and of Albania, FBSH.

The main goal of this centre is to provide and ensure support to children in street situation and protect them from all forms of exploitation. It provides services for children and their families in and out of the centre premises.

This study report was drawn up based on reports, studies and directly collected data that were obtained through interviews with professionals, mothers and children who had experience with street life and other problems related to privations and obstacles to normal life.

At the same time, the report centers on the analysis of laws and policies at national and international level with the purpose to observe what is the protection provided by the law to children in street situation in Albania and, especially, what are the gaps in the legislation for what concerns adequate protection and care for children in street situation and their families who want to leave the street by integrating into the labour market or into the welfare system.

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