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Learning Together: Programmatic approaches, methodologies and best practices for inclusive education in the Balkans

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Save the Children Italy

Inclusive education refers to the capacity of an education system to accommodate all children, without exception, within the formal education process and to promote their learning and full development together with their peers.

Save the Children has been working for several years in the Balkans through programmes and projects aimed at safeguarding all children’s right to education as well as ensuring respect for the non-discrimination principle. Particular attention is given to the inclusion of those children who, in this specific context, tend to be excluded and marginalised: children belonging to Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian minorities, children with disabilities and special educational needs, children living in rural remote areas. The implemented actions have been designed from the perspective of a multidimensional change, in which – thanks to an inclusive approach to education – it becomes possible to ensure a truly beneficial effect on the quality of life for all children.

The present report is drawn on the study of sector-specific statistical data, thematic reports and documents released by international bodies concerning the education sector in the Balkans, as well as material of active and completed Save the Children projects covering the period 2006-2014. Thanks to this analysis, key theoretical principles, methodological guidelines, strategies, tools, critical aspects and best practices were identified, with particular emphasis on common elements to all projects, which represent the methodological and operational framework that guides Save the Children intervention in the region.

This report is available in both English and Italian.

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