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Landscape Analysis on Young People’s Engagement in Climate Change and Health in Six LMICs in Africa and Asia

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Save the Children International,SEI, Stockholm Environment Institute

Future generation’s health and well-being are bound to the fate of the planet. The need for a transformative climate action is urgent as the climate change already have devastating effects across the globe. Young people are active agents of change and have demonstrated the capacities and agency to advocate for and contribute to climate action resilience-building.

This landscape analysis aims to map and evaluate current and future actors and programmes working with young people on climate change and health issues in LMICs (Low- and middle-income countries) in Africa and Asia.

The key messages of this research are:

  • The climate crisis represents a child rights crisis.
  • Decision-makers at all levels have an obligation to uphold the rights of children.
  • Young people are enthusiastic, active, important, and influential as agents of change in addressing the climate crisis and health impacts.
  • Civil society actors play important roles in connecting the government with young people.
  • National and international donors are key in ensuring young people are meaningfully engaged in climate and health action.

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