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Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF-E) in Action Videos

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Save the Children US,UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The following videos depict the IYCF-E Framework in action. UNHCR and Save the Children developed the IYCF-E Framework as an integrated approach to infant and young child care. The goal is to ensure that all issues that are key to developing synergies to ensure malnutrition is addressed across all the sectors. The entire wellbeing of the child and the mother is taken into account. Especially in emergency settings, a mother and child’s health is affected by many aspects beyond just food. Shelter is necessary, access to clean water, safety, vaccination, education health and more all have a vital role to play when taking care of the child.

In emergencies,young children are more at risk from disease and malnutrition than from conflict or violence. Recommended infant and young child feeding practices can prevent 1 in 5 deaths and enhanceachild’s healthy growth and development. IYCF saves lives.

Nasrin and Asif

Nasrin was having trouble breastfeeding due to infection and was able to receive the support she needed to feed her child.

Nyathak and her Triplets

Nyathak received support in feeding all three children and how to ensure all are fed. She also receives additional food support.

Rehana and her Child

Anjuman and her husband adopted an orphaned baby girl after fleeing from Myanmar. She was able to find support through her mother (grandmother) to breastfeed her daughter.

Staff Experiences of IYCF-E Framework

Technical based video with staff discussing their experiences implementing the IYCF-E framework with two case studies in Gambella, Ethiopia and Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. 

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