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INEE Reference Guide on external education financing

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INEE, The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies

The Reference Guide is a resource that explains donor education funding strategies and mechanisms. It focuses on external education financing in low-income countries, including those in fragile situations. Governments in these situations (crisis, post-crisis or the risk of crisis associated with conflict, natural disaster or challenges to government legitimacy) typically face challenges in delivering core public services, including education. The Reference Guide is a reference written from the donor point of view that explains the design, goals and constraints of existing types of external education assistance. It is not an analysis of the pros and cons of different funding mechanisms, nor is it a “how to” guide that helps education ministries more successfully apply for external education assistance. The Guide mainly targets education policy-makers, Nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and other civil society organisations, together with local education donor groups and their education partners.

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