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Save the Children Italy,Save the Children Sweden

Set of tools developed by Learn More consultancy firm within the Inclusive Education Resources and Toolkit. Available in 4 languages (Arabic, English, French, Spanish) the tools include:

  1. Identifying children who are out of school or have dropped out
  2. Making an Inclusive, Learner-friendly Classroom
  3. Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom
  4. Accessible School WASH Checklist
  5. Tip sheet: WASH for Children with Disabilities
  6. Teachers Communities of Practice
  7. Teacher Interview Guide: Personal Professional Development
  8. A Lesson Plan Template
  9. Universal Design for Learning
  10. Organization and Management of School-community Liaison Committees
  11. Elements of an Inclusive School Policy
  12. Supporting Children’s Speech and Cognitive Development from Birth to Seven Years Old
  13. Sparking grassroots coalition building
  14. Organization of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) collaboration strategies
  15. Stakeholder alignment workshop template

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