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Community Child Protection Committees in Angola: Experiences and success of the project implemented in Zaire province and funded by Save the Children Norway (from 2000-2010)

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Save the Children Norway

Zaire Province is among the poorest in Angola and was severely affected by decades of war and violence. There are high levels of poverty, lack of basic services and the local authorities have limited capacity for planning and management. Despite the efforts by government and civil society organizations for decades there are reported cases of rape and widespread rights abuses against children, including cases of prosecution of children as witches, indications of trafficking and migration of minors. All these challenges are

compounded by a weak civil society.

The Child Protection Committees/Networks were created as one of the main components of the Save the Children child protection programme. Almost totally supported by Save the Children Norway, in the last ten years it has been possible to contribute to improved child rights to protection, survival, development, non-discrimination and participation in Zaire province. Adults, children themselves, civil society groups and communities are working together to ensure a protective environment against child abuse, violence, neglect and exploitation.

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