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The impact of HIV/AIDS on the agricultural sector and rural livelihoods in Uganda

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NAADS, The National Agricultural Advisory Services

This study was carried out by the National Agricultural Advisory Services of Uganda (NAADS) with the support of FAO’s Integrated Support to Sustainable Development and Food Security Programme (IP). It was designed by IP, in conjunction with NAADS, and has the main objective of providing in-depth assessment and analysis of the non-health effects of HIV/AIDS on individuals, households and communities. The study pays particular attention to the disease’s impacts on rural livelihoods and food security in the mixed agriculture, fisheries and pastoral subsectors. It also identifies existing and potential coping strategies for mitigating the impacts, and recommends ways of adopting and supporting the most effective of these strategies. The survey represents three different rural livelihood systems – mixed agriculture, fisheries and pastoral in the Lake Victoria Crescent agro-ecological zone.

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