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How to Support the Implementation of United Nations Resolution “Realising Children’s Rights through a Healthy Environment”

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How to Child Rights series

Human Rights Council resolution on children’s rights and the environment is a commitment made by governments around the world about the relationship between child rights and a healthy environment. It is a milestone in the steps towards the international recognition of the human right to a healthy environment. It complements existing commitments such as those in the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This guide aims to inspire civil society practitioners on actions that can be taken to keep this resolution alive. It unpacks its content and provides ideas about possible entry points and steps to support the implementation of the resolution in practice.

How to use the tool? This guide can be used to take action on the Resolution as a whole or on some of its components such as on child participation, the right to health or on business related environmental harm. A list of definitions and a downloadable template to plan and track actions on the resolution are also available to support civil society practitioners in this work.

Target group: This tool is written for practitioners including child human rights defenders and organisations within the civil society sector especially those working on child rights, human rights, and environmental issues. It is relevant for those involved in advocacy and programme or project design and implementation at national or local level, but can also be relevant to those active at regional and international levels. The tool may also be relevant for academia, UN agencies, State authorities and others with an interest in the implementation of the resolution.

This guidance is developed as part of the How to Child Right series.



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