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Hear it From the Children Why Education in Emergencies is Critical: A study on the role of education for conflict-affected communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia

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Save the Children UK

This study reflects the voices of more than 250 children, parents, teachers and community representatives in two locations currently served by education projects supported by the EU Children of Peace Initiative: Masisi, North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Dollo Ado, Ethiopia. Their message was startlingly clear: children, parents, and leaders in communities deeply affected by conflict consider education a number one priority. Not only is education a clear priority of those affected by conflict, who described the high intrinsic value of education, but it also appeared to provide many added benefits in the domains of protection, resilience, recovery, stability and economic progress.

The key findings of this study are broken down and discussed in greater detail. They are then constructively directed towards providing the main actors involved with the necessary recommendations for change to better promote education in emergency settings. 

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