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Guiding Principles for Human Rights Field Officers Working in Conflict and Post-conflict Environments

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Human Rights Law Centre, Nottingham,University of Nottingham

The Guiding Principles for Human Rights Field Officers (HRFOs) constitute the first articulation of a comprehensive set of professional standards specific to the work of HRFO. They are intended to contribute to the enhancement of the professional quality of the work of the field officers. These guidelines address the work of all HRFOs who are deployed by intergovernmental organisations in conflict and post-conflict environments. Many elements of the Guiding Principles are of relevance to other HRFOs, including those operating in peace-time environments, and those who work with non-governmental organisations. The Statement of Ethical Commitments is an integral part of the Guiding
Principles. The Guiding Principles were developed in a highly consultative process involving current and former HRFOs and experts from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe, between 2004 and 2008. They also take account of the standard operating procedures, codes of conduct and other relevant materials of intergovernmental organisations.
The initiative is funded by Irish Aid, the Government of Ireland’s programme of assistance to developing countries, and the University of Nottingham Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Strategy Group.

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