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Growing Up GREAT! Implementation Guide

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The Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University

Growing Up Great! is a scalable, multi-level intervention designed to improve sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and gender equity among very young adolescents (VYA) and the important adults in their lives. It supports VYAs and their communities to question and break down social barriers that prevent access to health information and services. It was piloted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2017-2018 under the Passages Project, which aims to address a broad range of social norms, at scale, to achieve sustained improvements in family planning and reproductive health. Growing Up GREAT! was evaluated by the Global Early Adolescent Study and shown to be effective at shifting several key SRH attitudes and norms.

The Growing Up GREAT! Implementation Guide is a step-by step resource for organizations who wish to adopt the intervention. It provides users with guidance, tested tools, and materials for planning, implementing, supervising, and monitoring this successful norms-shifting intervention.

Annex A provides detailed guidance on adapting the Growing Up GREAT! intervention and materials to different contexts.

Annex B includes resources in the VYA Toolkit, a package of interactive, age-appropriate materials used during activities with VYAs.

Other supporting materials for parents, teachers, and health providers are included throughout the guide.

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