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Good Practices for Putting WV’s Development Programmes into Action: Synthesis of learning from the field

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World Vision International

Good Practices for Putting WV’s Development Programmes into Action provides good practices on how to put World Vision’s (WV) development programmes into action at the local level. It helps WV staff work with communities and partners towards the sustained well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable. 

  • It is designed for use by World Vision local level programme staff.
  • It is a compilation of learning and experiences from frontline staff.
  • It is built on the experience of more than 130 programmes from all seven regions.
  • Everything in this document can be adapted for specific contexts and programmes.
  • It should be applied flexibly, based on experience and learning.
  • It can be used by programmes with and without sponsorship.

This document is a companion to the Handbook for Development Programmes, which describes the essentials of WV’s approach to long-term local level programmming.  These documents are part of the Guidance for Development Programmes.


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