To Face Life: A report on the global situation for women with disabilities

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MyRight - Empowering People with Disabilities

Women with disabilities face double discrimination. This takes the form of systematic abuses of rights and fewer opportunities for influence and power. Through the global sustainable development goals in Agenda 2030, countries all over the world have committed to including everyone in work for sustainable development. 

The partnership projects that MyRight and its member organisations are running offer an opportunity for the sharing of experiences, and awareness is generated of what it is like to live with a disability when you are also a woman. By making visible women with disabilities or women who are a close relative of a person with a disability, these projects contribute to positive social development while at the same time providing an opportunity for individuals to take control of their own lives. Those who testify to this in this report include participants from three member organisations. They offer their views on what it is like to live as a woman with a disability in their own countries. They also give accounts of their own life stories, the discrimination they have encountered, but also of the empowerment they have achieved and what this has meant.

At the end of the report, MyRight offers recommendations about how we can contribute to achieving the global sustainable development goal for gender equality from a disability perspective. We are aiming at the government and other decision-makers, but also offer tips to activists in civil society organisations on how they can work to make sure that women with disabilities are included and do not suffer discrimination.

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