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European Report on Preventing Child Maltreatment

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WHO, World Health Organization

This report calls on policy-makers, practitioners and activists from across government sectors and non-governmental organizations to enact a new public health approach, which has been shown to prevent much child maltreatment.

This study finds that although severe child maltreatment cases in Europe gain attention from child protection agencies, more hidden forms that progress over years also exist – and require new methods of prevention and treatment.

The consequences of child maltreatment are diverse. Children’s brain development can be impaired, leading to further health-risk behaviours, both physical and mental. Violence also spreads from generation to generation; abusive behaviours can be passed on from parent to child. Education, concentration abilities, etc. can also be severely impacted.

Methods of prevention are explored as well as measurable differences between European regions. This report highlights the great public health and social problem child maltreatment presents.

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