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Engendering Men: A collaborative review of evidence on men and boys in social change and gender equality, Evidence Report

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EMERGE Evidence Review,Promundo,The Sonke Gender Justice Network

This evidence review is part of a two year project called EMERGE – or ‘Engendering Men: Evidence on Routes to Gender Equality.’ It attempts to answer the question, ‘what works best when it comes to engaging men and boys for gender equality?’ Trends, shifts, related social norms, and structures over the past 20 years are critically assessed. These are analysed against successful policies and programmes and their implications for best practice and future development of promoting men’s and boy’s support for gender equality.

The report is divided up across seven thematic areas – each chapter reviews the changes that have taken place in that thematic area in the past 20 years. The goal of this broad approach is to move beyond narrow, individualistic programming towards a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between laws, policies, and institutional practices in achieving gender equality and to thus reveal the most effective pathways to sustainable change at individual, community, and structural levels.

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