Endline Assessment for Catch-up Clubs Project in Three Refugee Settlements in Western Uganda

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A World at School,Save the Children International,Save the Children Uganda

The overall project goal was “girls and boys in P4 to P6 classes and AEP learners demonstrate improved reading outcomes.”Remedial learning approach addresses learning crisis based on elements of proven programs that achieve results for children and demonstrate positive outcomes for children affected by marginalization and discrimination. The approach supports educationally marginalized children by mobilizing support from their parents and the wider community; encourage play-based learning and provide child protection and Social emotional support to learners who fall below minimum standards of basic literacy and numeracy skills necessary to reach standardized benchmarks for typical learners of a certain grade level.

CUCs are a highly targeted, data-driven, and cost-effective intervention, that can be implemented and scaled up rapidly, providing the boost that is needed to get the learning of the most marginalized children back on track. One of such programs is the Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) – a remedial literacy and numeracy program targeting students in upper primary school who have not acquired basic skills for learning success. The project brings together elements of proven programmes that achieve results for children and demonstrate disproportionately positive outcomes for the most marginalized children, among them girls. They make effective use of existing capacity and resources at school and the local community level, which makes them quick to implement.

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