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Enabling a Localized Aid Response in Syria: An assessment of Syrian-led organisations

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Building Markets

As the world continues to struggle to respond to the Syria crisis, donors and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) are increasingly relying on Syrian NGOs and civil society originations (CSOs) to deliver aid. The conflict has become one of the most hostile in recent memory, making it impossible for most international aid workers to operate on the ground. Syrian organizations, however, are not only able to move around, they possess unique knowledge, skills, and relationships that have allowed the humanitarian response inside Syria to continue. As a result, it is estimated they are now delivering 75% of the aid. But, incredibly, they receive at most 0.9% of direct funding, and that figure could be as low as 0.2%. This is largely due to their inability to meet the administrative and bureaucratic requirements of donors, even when they are uniquely positioned to cross the border and operate inside Syria.

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