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El cumplimiento de los Acuerdos del MERCOSUR relativos a la protección de los derechos de niños, niñas y adolescentes migrantes: Diagnóstico y lineamientos para la acción

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Instituto de Políticas Públicas en Derechos Humanos

Report on the protection of the rights of migrant children and adolescents in the framework of MERCOSUR, prepared by the Institute for Public Policy on Human Rights (IPPDH) of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), with the support of Save the Children Sweden.
Respect for human rights in policies on migration is an important topic in the agenda of the member states of MERCOSUR (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay), which have incorporated the topic of migration in the different fora and spaces of international dialogue (such as the South-American Conference on Migration and the Global Forum on Migration and Development). MERCOSUR has signed bilateral, regional and sub-regional agreements that recognize the human rights of migrants independently of their immigration status, apart from having signed the main international treaties on human rights and, in particular, on the rights of the child.
The main purpose of this document is to provide a preliminary and general diagnosis of the situation of migrant children and adolescents in MERCOSUR and the need to advance concrete action at a regional level regarding the protection and promotion of the rights of the child.

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