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Effects of the EU-SERD II Project on Students’ Literacy Levels: The case of Dadaab Refugee Camp

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SERD II is envisioned to contribute to voluntary repatriation of refugees and provide access to quality education and training in the Daadab Camps. The project targets: children, ALP learners, youth, primary school teacher trainees, children with special needs, ECDE teachers and host/ refugee communities. The consortia is focused on achieving the project’s objectives which include; a) Increase access to and enhance the quality of education within the camps with a focus on preparing the refugees for repatriation back to Somalia; b) Improved access to education for children and youth in Dadaab refugee camps and those returning to Somalia and; c) Increased education opportunities and prospects for skills repatriation among children, youth, teachers and communities. 

The objective of the study was to determine the impact of EU- SERD II Project’s teachers’ capacity development on Grade three and four students’ literacy levels in Dadaab Refugee Camps. This is realized through a counterfactual analysis focusing on children receiving interventions and those that never received teaching from a program-supported teacher. The key research question to be explored in this report is: What is the effect of EU- SERD II Project’s teachers capacity development on grade three and four students’ literacy levels in Dadaab Refugee Camps? To answer this question, the assessment team surveyed a sample of grade three and four students in the Dadaab refugee camps—Ifo, Dagahaley, and Hagadera—from classrooms taught by teachers who had participated in the EU-SERD II training in 2016 and 2017. The pupils were given a background questionnaire and a short literacy assessment in English. This report describes their results compared to a sample of grade three and four students from a comparison group—classrooms taught by teachers who had applied for the EU-SERD II program but did not participate.

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