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Education – Under the Weather! Impacts of climate change on education

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Aide et Action International

Climate change may be one of the most complex challenges the world faces in the 21st century. The effects of weather-related phenomena on the lives of vulnerable populations, particularly children, can be catastrophic.

Aide et Action presents an overview of life in a climate-changing world: some of the effects of climate change on ecosystems, impacts on economy, insecurity in living conditions, etc. Climate change mitigation and adaptation policies are called upon to promote social resilience of vulnerable groups such as children and women. Social resilience is defined as the ability of any system to absorb stress or destructive forces through its strength or adaption; its ability to manage or maintain basic functions and structures when natural disasters strike.

Education has a large role to play. Education can promote disaster preparedness and risk reduction, promote environmental conservation, and enable the identification of gradual transformations brought about by climate change. This leads to schools, governments, and policies engaging in educational development and awareness raising. 

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