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Educating children with disabilities in Africa: Towards a policy of inclusion. Addis Ababa: The African child Policy forum.

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African Child Policy Forum

A preliminary investigation, carried out by The African Child Policy Forum prior to this review, revealed that most African countries lack a proper law and policy strategy for the schooling of children with disabilities that complies with the requirements recognized in International and Regional Human Rights Instruments, and which is in keeping with current trends and perspectives on the education of children with disabilities. This study was thus conducted with the principal objective of providing governments with the necessary raw materials, in the form of human rights standards and educational principles, for potential use in their legislative and policy making processes related to the schooling of children with disabilities.
The report is divided into three main parts : Part 1 gives an overview of disability among children in Africa, and the state of laws and polices related to disabled children and their right to education; Part 2 contains a discussion of international and regional human rights instruments, with particular emphasis on the rights to educationof children with disabilities, and corresponding educational principles; and Part 3 contains an extended discussion of suggestions for governments, regional organs, advocacy groups and other relevant bodies.
The results of this study are expected primarily to benefit law and policy makers and people on the frontline of implementation of those laws and policies.

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