Det Svåra Samtalet: Rädda Barnens arbete kring hatbudskap och radikalisering

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Save the Children Sweden

This report is based on calls made to Orostelefonen Support Line on Radicalization from next of kin, professionals, and other important adults in the lives of children and youth, during the years 2017-2020. Based on hundreds of conversations in 199 individual cases, where more than half of the cases concerned children and youth, this report highlights the important role family members such as parents play in preventing and countering radicalization but also the challenges they face. We have also noted that some authorities and other important adults fall short in the treatment of children and young people who are affected by hate speech and we make clear demands for the inclusion of a child rights perspective in these matters based on the fact that the Convention on the Rights of the Child became law in Sweden in 2020.

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