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COVID-19 Vaccine Response by Civil Society

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Save the Children International,Save the Children UK,Save the Children US

This dashboard provides updated country-by-country information about the following:

  • principal gaps and challenges in each country’s response
  • critical partnerships and current projects, advocacy and other activities underway to address the problems on the ground, by NGO
  • additional targeted activities that could be mounted if additional resources were available.

Our long-standing partnerships with local civil society organizations, traditional and faith leaders, women’s and youth groups, and village volunteers, enable us to gather information at the community level that might be missed by government health authorities.

The dashboard also includes links to other key dashboards, tools and articles related to COVID-19 and its vaccines.

Save the Children led the development of the dashboard for the INGO Collaborative for COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery, which unites six of the world’s leading INGOs – Save the Children, CARE, CRS, Mercy Corps, IRC and World Vision – working together to advance the shared global goal of dramatically accelerated delivery of COVID-19 vaccines.  Recognizing the unique challenge of rapidly deploying new COVID-19 vaccines to every country on earth, we have united together with a vision for how to create collective impact. We believe that with ambitious joint funding, we are able to deliver a solution desperately needed: getting COVID-19 shots into arms, all around the world, with a particular focus on the countries and communities with the lowest immunization rates so far.   As a part of this goal, the Collaborative– with the participation of a growing number of local NGO partners around the world– has created this unique dashboard to tell the story at the ‘last mile.’ The COVID-19 Vaccine Response by Civil Society Dashboard supplies qualitative details that respond to questions from potential donors, civil society partners, journalists, and members of the NGO and humanitarian assistance community.


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