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Core Standards for guardians of separated children in Europe. Goals for guardians and authorities

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DCI, Defence for Children International,ECPAT International

The Ten Core Standards for guardians of separated children are the result of an extensive project that was coordinated by Defence for Children in eight European countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden). They have been developed to inform, guide and influence parties involved in guardianship for separated children, including guardians, social workers and guardianship organizations and State authorities. There are approximately 100.000 separated children in Europe. Separated children have the right to a guardian who protects their rights and best interests. Not only do separated children have to live without their parents in a country they don’t know but, in some countries, they also run the risk of being detained because of their residence status or run the risk of being exploited by traffickers. The current differences in the level of protection separated children receive in European countries is not acceptable. All European countries have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and have the obligation to take into account the special needs of separated children. Proper guardianship systems are essential to assist in finding a durable solution for separated children, whether that be integration into the host country, transfer to another country or return to the country of origin. The aim of this project is to harmonize the protection separated children receive from their guardian by focusing on the qualifications of a guardian. Furthermore the Core Standards should inspire State authorities to adjust the guardianship systems where necessary in order for guardians to fulfil the Core Standards.

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